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 Chaos Demons

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Az'ra Zare'on


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PostSubject: Chaos Demons   Wed May 18, 2016 11:05 pm


Chaos Demons

Chaos 'Demon', Also referred to as a 'Neverborn' amidst the Forces of Chaos. Are Intelligent and malevolent entities of the Warp that are the living embodiment of the Forces of Chaos. Demons are known as the greatest servants of the four entities known as the Chaos Gods and are the collective universal force of chaos itself. A Chaos Demon is created at the whim of one of the major four Chaos Gods, formed as a fraction of the Gods own power. A demons appearance will in some way reflect the God's own nature.  

Demons serve only to spread the aims of their masters. A Demon of Khrone will seek only battle, and wage wars. A Demon of Nurgle will seek to spread it's plague and decay across all the living. A demon of Tzeentch will seek to follow the change and future of Tzeentch's will. A demon of Slaanesh will seek to corrupt mortals into their desires, taking control over their will. Demons seemingly spread most of their existance while in conflict with other demons, as each of the Chaos Gods seek to expand their power and influence as part of the Great Game. It seems that demons tend to work together when the mortal realm is involved and they band together and co-operate, however these alliances are short-lived as each of the four Chaos Gods seek to prevent another from gaining an advantage.

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Chaos Demons
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